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At this time, we know of only two, Hekowi and her sister Wanderlust.  I show the original brochure below.

If you wish to jump to sailboat data on file.  link is below.  Unfortunately this is the aft cockpit sloop on file. 


Deviation from original specs include 3 Diesel tanks, including a day tank of 25 gallons and new storage tanks of about 60 gallons each.  The water tanks are all new of plastic, totaling 100 gallons.  The two heads are double macerated, one macerator to store the waste and one to pump it over.  The central settee table can be lowered to create a 6 foot 8 inch double berth.  The aft cabin was previously damaged by fire, and was simply redone as a giant berth with a separator berthing board, it can sleep three.

We are very proud of our little hard dodger, built by Colin and me days before our departure from Los Angeles.  We threw it together with plywood and plexiglass, and it was very valuable in the cooler air days.  A solar panel sits on top.  The Bimini will fold out below the boom and above the dodger.

When you work on a boat, the first thing you have to decide is what you want the boat to be able to do.  They don't make boats that can do everything well, given size and monetary limitation.  All the refitting of Hekowi conforms to the goal of being able to sail with 6 people for 7 days or 1000 nautical miles safely, rapidly, comfortably and efficiently, given her water line of 37.5 feet.

The above primary design goal is taken from my several major sailing adventures, where typically we would sail for 5 days, and then retire to a harbor for a couple of days to recover and repair stuff.

Starting Dec 1st, I will be soliciting crew.  Questions can be quickly asked per contact form below.  Please take your time and put a one page sailing resume together.  Include sailing experience, open ocean experience, camping, hiking, military experience, age, weight, and health situation.  Can you cook on a propane stove, stay awake 3 out of every 9 hours, put up with people who may grow to SEEM worse that your worst in-law, due to being confined together for a week at a time?  Do you speak any Spanish?  Have you lived where it gets to be 100 degrees every day without air conditioning?  Do you have the time to spare?  You can paste the resume in or send it intact in word to me via direct email